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Our Drug addiction treatment on the SEA and drug rehab Center, often referred to generically, as a drug rehabilitation center has 100% success rate with natural approaches and no substitutions.  The  program is a non-traditional treatment program which works.

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The Véniez Drug Rehab Center© program offers the highest success rate for treatment of heroin addiction, crack, cocaine addiction, amphetamine addiction,  and many more.



The solitude and privacy of the Rehab Center© on Sea provides the ideal conditions for the first steps of your recovery journey to detox.

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Our programs meet your needs. Everyone enters recovery with different needs, challenges and life experiences. At  The Véniez Drug Rehab Center© we provide our clients with individual treatment plans tailored to their clinical and other needs. Véniez Drug Rehab Center©'s clinical staff specialize in the treatment of addictions.

During our entire life we have been accumulating information which makes us who we are. The negative and positive information impacts our lives daily. Sometimes a simple drop can activate us into a state of total non-understanding.

When this happens we don't think of our full glass or what has filled it up. We only focus on that little drop which seems to be the entire filled glass.

It should be known that the subconscious is very complex and functions 24 hours a day. It records all, without anyway of sorting nor selection. It does not have any emotion. All is kept, since your most young age, good or bad, even if you want to forget something unpleasant, it will keep it in a corner, even if you believe to have forgotten it , you haven't.

Your subconscious will be influenced by all the positive and negative events of your life.


It is only by intervening on your subconscious with hypnosis that we can remove or make piece with our past, then one can make changes on his attitude and life. We can say that the therapist “reprograms” the subconscious, he makes peace with the facts, the words, the scenes recorded in your past and records in replacement good adapted suggestions. The therapy with that is based on one fundamental principal;



identify the causes, the sources of his or her Addiction and eliminate them in four sessions.

Yes it is really possible with this revolutionary hypnosis technic.

It took me twenty-five years of clinical research in order to learn how to change the lives of my patients in a significant and permenant way with hypnosis.


Once this work is done the results are permenent. The patient is self-sufficient and dose not need further treatments of any kind. A brief Follow-up my be in order.


 Intensive therapy for Outpatient program or VIP accommodations for

        out-of-town patients with our Inhouse program.

* Privacy Guarantee

* Individual Therapies (one person at a time at the Center)

* Discreet Transport Service from Airport

* Individual Supervision by Dr. Peter Véniez Ph.D., C.Ht., ND, 24 hours on 24.


10 days 20,000$ EUROS

15 days 25,000$ EUROS